Matt Wilder

Music and fishing have more in common than one might think at first glance. For starters they have both been life long passions of mine. Passions that I can lose myself in completely. Passions that I love to share with others. When I am working in the studio I think of nothing but the music I am working on and how to make it better. I lose myself in the process completely. I always strive to create something that is so good that I don’t ever want the song to end – which is good because working on records often means listening to the same song hundreds of times.

Fishing is the same way for me. Whether I am casting a fly at night on a tailwater for big Brown trout, on a beautiful lake trolling, or fishing for largemouths in Florida, it is something I can lose myself in completely. I usually don’t think about anything but that moment I am in on the water, because there is nothing I would rather be doing. Especially when the fishing is good and the location beautiful. As I have grown older I have also come to realize that who I am as a person, my strengths and preferences are reflected in both Music and fishing.

Some people stick with primarily one style of music, or one instrument, or one species of fish, or one style or method of fishing, but I enjoy a considerable variety of styles in music as well as fishing. As an artist I went from celtic influenced acoustic three part harmony, to electronic synth pop, to alternative rock. I have written and produced Alternative rock, straight on pop, country, latin, dance and electronic music, pure acoustic, even some rap and urban styles. it’s all music, and having the ears and knowledge to understand how different styes are constructed and mixed. I enjoy music that is well written, well arranged, and brilliantly produced.

As a fisherman I took a similar journey – growing up on a fabulous bass lake, graduating to reservoirs and the great lakes, then fly fishing for striped bass off Nantucket, to trolling in the Virgin Islands, then exploratory fishing in remote parts of canada – opening my own lodge in Ungava Quebec, catching monster browns out of tailwaters, to fly fishing above the arctic circle. Likewise I enjoy fly fishing, spinning, casting, trolling, jigging – what matters most to me is doing something that works. Catching fish, preferably in the most fun way, but definitely in the most effective way. My greatest strength is a natural feel I have for what works in a given situation.